Photoshop : 12 Best Photoshop Alternatives For 2019

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Adobe has created an ecosystem through its pool of editing software, and the strongest of them is Photoshop. Since two-decade Photoshop has traveled through the path of development and gained a giant form.

However, there are many software available who has also followed a similar journey, but unable to secure such branding. We bring those Photoshop alternatives in this article and offer you a chance to go through their ability and best features.

Who knows whether this list of not so known software could be able to win the battle in your performance requirement or not. Run through the following and experience the surprising facts you might not be aware.

List of Top 12 Best Photoshop alternatives to Try in 2019



GIMP is one of the best open source free Photoshop alternatives that has secured its place in many peoples workflow. Whether retouch of the real photo or creating a new one every photo editing work can be done nicely thorough massive range of professional functions.

GIMP user can perform all the action like Photoshop and gives liberty to develop different pre-set brushes according to the required style. Great community support makes the transition smooth.

Top Features of GIMP

  • Support for many pre-installed and additionally downloadable plugins.
  • Many tools can be found alike, and your profiles can be created.
  • It contains a vast selection of filters for many moments.
  • It provides intensive editing layers and masks. You can organise layers in groups.

Price of GIMP


Official Website for GIMP

2. Photo Pos Pro

photo pos pro

If any of Photoshop alternatives can cater for the use of both beginners as well as experts that is Photo Pos Pro. For the standard users, there are filters from the software to retouch at one click and enhance the photo quality. Also, there are great functions like Photoshop for pro users.

Top Features of Photo Pos Pro

  • Different functions of toning and layer management like Photoshop.
  • It has interchangeable Interface for beginners and experts.
  • Raw file support in the free photo editor mode
  • Twenty-one days trial before switching to premium.

Price of Photo Pos Pro


Official Website for Photo Pos Pro

3. Krita


Krita is best among Photoshop alternatives due to its enhanced feature like Photoshop. It bears a complete resemblance in the interface as well as the toolbar arrangement. It has full acceptance among online photo editing forum members.

This open source programme is beneficial for matte and texture painters as well as in concept art, for comics and illustrations. It is a free alternatives to photoshop that is widely accepted by professional community.

Top Features of Krita

  • Supports editing using a tablet and pen
  • Various template available to start a project
  • A composite guide book for the beginners and other transiting user from software like Photoshop

Price of Krita

Free but an option to donate for development.

Official Website for Krita

4. Paint.NET

paint net

Paint. NET is a complete featured free Photoshop alternative to more sophisticated and challenging to grasp image editors. Its simplicity is pivotal. But the software has some excellent characteristics, which helps to develop better shots.

Anyone who uses Adobe Photoshop or another full-fledged photo editor will easily understand Paint. NET’s interfaces. It is intuit able enough for full newbies to grasp quickly. All simple tools are displayed as icons on the left side of the panel, with filters and other improvement tools in the top down menus.

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Top Features of Paint.NET

  • Have layer support as well as blending modes.
  • It contains a History tool.
  • Easy to use for basic editing.
  • Comes with a ruler and supports thousands of file type.

Price of Paint.NET


Official Website for Paint.NET

5. Corel PaintShop Pro X8

coral paintshop

PaintShop Pro is another alternative to Photoshop; it has several resources to make it straightforward using. The best graphic design programs have a variety of instruments to assist you in creating projects from brochures to animations or entire webpages.

There is a simple interface in the application which is split into two buttons: manage and edit. The edit tab offers all editing options, while the management tab offers a dependable photo organizer. Although the cost is a bit of higher side, this is the best-suited software for the professional users.

Top Features of Corel PaintShop Pro

  • Uses all the frequently used editing tools and functions in a customizable styling
  • Cluster photos automatically according to their subjects
  • Face detection technology

Price Coral Paintshop Pro


Official Website for Corel PaintShop Pro

6. ACDSee Photo Studio Professional


Like Photoshop, since the beginning of digital photography, ACDSee has been around. It provides a complete range of editing functions working in raw, JPEG and other photo formats. Thanks to its Edit mode, which records steps and replicates the whole editing process and eliminates repeat tasks and saves time.

As a popular all-in-one program, the software aims at reducing the need to concurrently use various applications to fulfill the duties relating to photo editing.

Top Features of ACDSee Photo Studio Professional

  • Identifies faces automatically and gives them a name with geotagging.
  • It’s now possible to use the brush to adjust the vibration, white balance and color.
  • Development and editing modes are available for the Convert to Black & White
  • It has a touch gestures support.
  • It supports Cloud storage integration.

Price of ACDSee Photo Studio


Official Website for ACDSee Photo Studio Professional

7. Affinity Photo


Affinity Photo is a fantastic post-processing and editing program for all level users. You will need this program if you’re a professional photographer or you like it as a hobby. You can improve your images and also eliminate any imperfections by using editing software like Affinity Photo.

This is not a free alternatives to Photoshop, but you can download Affinity Photo for a free 14-day trial. The trial version offers full functions and is a robust tool to use to see the features before making a purchase.

Top Features of Affinity Photo

  • A great alternative of Photoshop with best editing feature.
  • Necessary functions like change hue, transparency, contrast, highlights and tone parameters can be used very comfortably.
  • Tools like layer support and blending mode are present.

Price of Affinity Photo


Official Website for Affinity Photo

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A Few More Words

It is true that finding the same other software is not a difficult task. But the performance analysis of both might be different. The above 12 Photoshop alternatives may not be an equal performer, but everyone has a similar prospect to provide the various solution for photo editing.

If you have chosen any one of them as your editing mate download from the provided link. Else if you want to suggest any other big name missed in the list, drop it in the comment box.

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