Power ups in Everwing game and much more

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Time freeze is a power-up. It controls the overall environment in the game it, decreases the speed of the enemies. It attacks by considering the speed of the enemy.

You can buy this power up for 3000 coins in the beginning of the raid.

Speed Rush

The speed rush lets you loot all your enemies by killing. This can be done in a short period of time. It is better and powerful than rush flower but does the same job at a faster pace and in a more destructive manner.

In addition to this, the player can use this speed rush to increase the speed and loot whatever is dropped by the enemies. The peace must prevail.

Destroy your enemy fiercely. Claim your kingdom. Just like a rush flower, it rushes the player to the collect currency. You can win more score by using this currency. This game becomes more and more fascinating as you delve into it.

Arcane blast

It is like a rod. It emits rays that are powerful magical lasers. It can be used for three times.

If you are running out of power use it. At the start of a raid spend 250 trophies too but this power-up. Like star wars of is your sword to destroy the enemies. The rays emitted by the rod slay the demons.

Create a group on Facebook. Ask them for giving you help. Gems are the premium currency of Everwing game which can be bought by cash.

Add more friends to get6 more coins. Amethyst is the gem that is equal to 10 coins.

The everwing game can be played on two modes normal and boss mode. This game is made of fantasy creatures. Guardians are fairies that is you.

You are fighting against the enemies who have stolen your kingdom and are evil. This game can be played by swiping the thumb from left to right and right to left. You need currency and power-ups to win the currency is used to buy stuff. For example, one rupee is equal to one point.

Your score in this game matters. At times you become invisible by using certain things. That gives you a veil to hide and loot as much as you can. A magnet is used to pull things that are dropped by the monsters.

The rush flower is used to rush and move fast from one place to another. It should be coupled with a dragon that can cause serious damage. There are fairies that can double the collection of coins, gems, and diamonds. The dragons have different capabilities.

Some cause major damage some cause just decent damage. The dive that is rod-shaped emits magical rays to slay the demons.

The doms are the main enemies in this game that you are supposed to kill. The power-ups increases your power to kill them. There are dragons of different shapes and sizes. The clover gives 25 points in a game

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