Top 15 Best VR Apps & Games To Try In 2019

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Virtual Reality or VR is a latest form of entertainment. Anyone who is having VR Gear Set can avail the breathtaking adventure of playing games, watching thrilling videos, and using fun apps virtually. In present times, games that make use of virtual reality immensely popular throughout peoples who love high-quality graphics and animations.

The virtual reality is an application that creats 3D artificial environment to video games and applications. VR is applied to the games to give you a real enjoyment. Without VR, such a unique gaming experience is not possible through any other medium.

There are number apps that are available for VR to effect, but we are here listing the top 15 best VR apps that entertain you in all the possible ways.

List of Top 15 Best VR Apps

1. DinoTrek

dinotrek vr experience

DinoTrek VR app is designed for iOS users to make you feel the life with dinosaurs. This app is designed for VR headsets of mobiles, particularly for Google Cardboard. DinoTrek allows you a visual field of 360-degree that tracks your head movement in VR plane. Use of headphones will give Best reality experience. This application can be used on iphone 6 or 6+. This VR app can be experienced on big screens, and even headphones are also not required. The next generation is updated with twilight and midnight versions.

Supported Platforms:-

Requires iOS 8.1 and later versions.

Space required: –

For iOS (498.8MB)

Price of DinoTrek:-

You have to pay the Euro 0.99

Download DinoTrek app from official link


2. VR Mojo Orbulus

vr mojo orbulus

VR mojo is a special edition for mojo.insights. This hand-free VR app designed and works for Google cardboard and VR viewers of other Android smartphones. You can control by just looking at orb to travel in it and if you continue looking at it and you will go inside! You can travel the whole world, get married, fell the magic of the King Arthurs Glastonbury tor; you can experience the illuminations on Hong Kong Harbour and many more breathtaking treats. It is one of the big VR app, but you will get a lighter version of it on demand.

Supported Platform:-

iOS and Android

Space required:-

For Android (18MB)

For iOS (467MB)

Price of VR Mojo Orbulus:-

FREE to use.

Download VR mojo Orbulus from official links



3. Jaunt VR

jaunt vr

Jaunt VR is the best virtual reality app that does not needs headphones. You can enjoy over 150 premium, virtual reality experiences with its download. This app provides you with the unparalleled command to premium experiences that is impossible in other ways. Jaunt is the chief developer of mesmerizing cinematic experiences. This app contains 360-degree stereoscopic imagery with directional audio. All the contents in this app are not for every type of audiences because there is gore and violence depicted with the use of strong language.

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Supported Platforms:-

The app performs well on Gear VR

Price of Jaunt VR:-

FREE to use.

Download Jaunt VR from official link


4. Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard

Google cardboard help you to experience virtual reality on your android phone. This VR app helps you to establish your favorite VR experience. You can enjoy it fully on cardboard viewer. Using this game while driving may distract you from actual world situations. An updated version of this app may give you a taste of what all things can be done in VR with the new Arctic Journey demo.

Supporting Platforms:-

iOS 8.0 & later, iphone, ipad, iPod touch & Android 4.4 and later.

Space required: –

For Android (48MB)

For iOS (128.2MB)

Price of Google Cardboard:-

FREE to use.

Download Google Cardboard from official links



5. InCell VR

incell vr

If you love to play an action and racing games, then InCell will be the best choice for you. This game comes with a bit of strategy and science thrown into the wonderful micro world of the carefully recreated human cell. You can play this game without cardboard or other sets even though this game is focused on VR.

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Supported Platforms:-

Android & iOS.

Space required: –

For Android (72MB)

For iOS (252.8MB)

Price of InCell VR:-

Free to use

Download InCell from official links



6. War of Words VR

war of words vr

War of Words is the battle that has been prepared by Britain’s greatest war poet. This game takes you back to the 1916 era by using virtual reality and also in mentality seized by Siegfried Sassoon in his disputed poetry “The Kiss”. This poem was written just before the war of somme; on the other hand, Sassoon was the training course of the army.

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Supporting platforms:-

Android, iOS.

Space required: –

For Android (27MB)

For iOS (76.9MB)

Price of War of Words VR:-

Free to play.

Download War of Words VR from official links



7. Google daydream

Google Daydream

Google daydream is one of the best daydream apps, and it is the official VR platform from Google as well. This is the first best app to download for Google daydream headset. This is the app for daydream ready phone that brings the super quality of virtual reality. By using this app, you can establish your choice of VR and Browse from a fresh list of apps and games.

Supported platforms:-


Space required: –

For Android (32MB)

Price of Google Daydream:-

FREE to use.

Download Daydream app from official link


8. Ocean Rift

ocean rift

The open ocean is scary but a fantastic place as well and in this app, you will experience the depth of the ocean. Ocean Rift is known as world’s earliest VR marine safari park. In this app, you can explore the underwater world including sharks, dolphins, whales, sea snakes, turtle, and other sea creatures. You can even sit aside and see the sharks going nearby to you. Ocean Rift is one of the best gear VR apps as it helps to make this truly unforgettable memory.

Supporting Platforms:-

Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear

Space required:-

For Oculus (877.3MB)

Price of Ocean VR:-

You have to the US $ 9.99

Download Ocean Rift app from official link

Oculus Rift

9. Full Dive VR

FullDive VR

Full dive VR is the best VR apps for android & also the social all in one virtual reality platform. Full drive allows you to stream Youtube Videos and 3D videos in VR. Full Dive VR is fully user-generated virtual reality content and navigation platform. You can stream 360 Youtube videos in VR. This app allows you to browse anything in VR; you can even take pictures in VR and store and access your videos in VR. You can play all your videos like in a movies theatre. You can enjoy movies, video games and videos of your choice in 3D.

Supported Platforms:-

Google Cardboard, Android, iphone and Daydream.

Space required: –

For Android (Varies with devices)

For iOS 134.2MB

Price of Full Dive VR:-

Free with some in-app purchases.

Download Full Dive VR from the official links



10. Littlestar

littlestar vr cinema

Littlestar is included in the list of top VR apps because this app allows you to watch content on Hulu, Youtube, and Netflix by using your VR headset. This app gives you the feeling like you have owned your IMAX theatre and you can visit it anytime you want. This app presents you the 360 degree designed videos. Littlestar gives you the best VR experience that includes Broadway theatre content, content for children’s and sports content.

Supporting Platforms:-

Oculus Rift, HTC vive, Samsung Gear VR and PSVR, Steam

Space required:-

For Oculus Rift (117.9MB)

For Steam (2 GB)

Price of Littlestar:-

FREE to use.

Download Littlestar from official links



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Final Verdict

Here in the above mentioned list, we tried our best to give you the top list of best VR apps and VR games that may give the experience of the best virtual reality world.

Have you read all the above listed apps and games? Do you find any other app we forgot to mention in the list? Have you found the above article contents are useful for you? If not, then you should definitely go through the above list and share your experience and suggestions with us. Your comments always inspire us to do work more efficiently.

Stay tuned with us for more information and updates. Till then Enjoy the Virtual reality world!!

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